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Community Lay Director Summer 2018

De Colores Great Banquet Community,

I am so grateful for the support you all showed the team and the guest this past Spring banquet season.  It is an honor calling you all my brothers and sisters in Christ.  God is good…

Let me give thanks to all those who were on the teams this past season.  I know the guest saw the face of Jesus in each and every one of you.  It was in His plans. Being a part of a team is a big commitment and a lot of responsibility and I know God chose you to represent Christ.  I look forward to serving with you all in the future.

I have met with the Board to discuss the banquets that we just hosted to talk about new ideas and safety procedures.  Please be in prayer for us as we try to meet the needs of the banquet and the guests.

I am truly grateful and blessed beyond measure.  I had a lot going on this past Spring Banquet season, but God’s promises covered me.  He has brought me through.  I apologize if I made any mistakes along the way or if I was outside of who God called me to be.  Please pray for me as we get ready for another exciting fall banquet season.  I have met with Lay directors and I look forward to seeing who God will bless with an opportunity to serve.  I love you all and this ministry.  Praise God!


Your Brother in Christ

Eric Brown

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