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Community Lay Director Spring 2018

De Colores Great Banquet Community,

Praying that I find you well. I have officially, officially taken over the reigns as your next Community Lay Director. When I said, “Yes.” To my selection as the CLD, I had mixed feelings about God’s plans for my life. As I began my prayer, all kind of excuses to decline ran through my mind. The one excuse that stands out to me, was me telling God, “But I just want to be a servant.” He said, “But you are.” The reason I mentioned this in my announcement to the community is to just say I am a servant and I in no way want to be exalted for doing the work of the Lord.

The Spring Great Banquet team members have all been selected. If you were not chosen to be on a team, please be patient. I am reiterating to lay directors that we need new faces involved so that we all get to know one another to fellowship and continue servitude in the Great Banquet Community. I have had conversations with community members who see our numbers going down at candlelight and closings. I am committed to the Great Banquet model and how it has worked in our community for all these years.

I am asking your prayers for the upcoming season, the team, the community, and the guest who have decided to try God. Please pray for me as I learn my new role as the Community Lay Director. Feel free to contact me if there is anything that needs addressing and anything that I can bring up in our upcoming (Jan 22nd) Board meeting.

(270) 821-8799 Please leave a brief message for me to return your call.

May God continue to bless you now and forever!


Your Brother in Christ
Eric J. Brown


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