Great Banquet family,

I stand in awe of all that God has done. He takes our yes and as we
partner with Him in full surrender to what He is doing in and through us
He paints a beautiful picture. I am both humbled and honored to have
served as Lay Director for Women’s Great Banquet #194.
As I reflect over the nine weeks leading up to the weekend and on the
weekend. I see Holy Spirit inviting us to step into who The Father has
created us to be. He is always inviting us to come up higher with Him it
is our choice whether we will surrender and die to ourselves to come. I
truly see His hand and heart in every part of GB #194. It is beautiful to
watch as He puts together a team of unique Christian soldiers who
bring what He has equipped them with to the table and watch as He
knits each one of us together as we come with one common theme to
see Him be glorified, set the captives free, heal the broken hearted,
heal physically, mentally, and emotionally, for those to come into their
true identity in Christ, to see Him restore hope, and for each person to
realize we all are significant in the Kingdom of God.
Zechariah 2:5 For I, says the Lord, will be a wall of fire all around her,
and I will be the glory in her midst. He is promising protection and
presence. I will say He is faithful and true to His word. He certainly
showed amid GB#194.

Lesley Ronemous