How You Can Serve


Simple Ways To Serve


  • Prayer is a key part of the success of each Banquet. Please keep the team and guests in your prayers during each of the Great Banquet weekends.
  • Sign up on the 72 hour prayer charts.
  • Help pray in the speakers – Click here for prayer/talk times!

Meals & Snacks

  • Bring snacks & salads for the weekend! (see below)

Assisting Agape & Kitchen Teams During Weekend

  • An Agape chart is available for you to sign-up and assist the agape team members on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of each weekend.
  • Take part in serving meals – Click here for meal times!
  • Come help the kitchen teams during the weekends


  • Banners — Remember what an important impact the banners had on you when you attended? Make banners for the upcoming Great Banquets! Banners made for previous weekends here in Madisonville have been mailed to other communities, so make new ones! Reunion groups, if you are looking for something special to do, make a banner as a group for the upcoming weekends. 
  • For each Banquet weekend, 80 pieces of agape are needed.
  • Click here for an excellent agape website which provides over 189 agape ideas.
  • An agape party is held before the weekends of each Banquet season.
  • Write agape letters for guests and the team members – Click here for sample prison weekend letters!


Weekend Event Schedule


Bed Setup
Wednesday before the weekend at 6:00pm — Just Show Up!
Make this a sacrificial offering for guests and team!
Special note: we need a lot of people on the first weekend as we need to setup every bed for the weekends.

7:00pm Thursday night of weekend at First Presbyterian Church (Chapel)

Sponsor’s Hour
Immediately following Send-Off (around 7:30pm) except the jail/prison weekends.
Everyone is encouraged to stay through the entire Sponsor’s Hour to lend strength and prayers to God’s people.

7:30pm Saturday night of weekend at First Presbyterian Church (Main Sanctuary)
Your presence at Candlelight adds to the Body of Christ and the impact the Lord has on His people as He uses our worship, prayers and sacrifices for the guests and team.

Bed Take-Down
Sunday morning of weekend at 7:00am — Just Show Up!
Special note: we need a lot of people on the last weekend as we need to take down every bed for the weekends.

Church Clean-up
Sunday evening of weekend from 2:30pm to 4:00pm
With many hands, this should go very quickly!
Contact Brianna Sutton at 270-836-0475 for more information.

Sunday evening of weekend at 5:00pm at First Presbyterian Church (Main Sanctuary)

Fourth-Day Meeting
Tuesday night following the weekend at 6:00pm
Contact Mike & Tanya Eubanks (270-836-7790) for more information.

Contact Info

Snacks/Salads for Weekends
If you can bring snacks or salads, please contact Stephanie Wallace at 270-584-2554 and leave a message.  Please remember your amazing weekend. This is an important area you can help out! Snacks on Friday are especially needed.
Please drop off at the kitchen or agape room instead of delivering them straight to the snack room!

Servers During Weekend
Please call Betty Hendrix at 270-824-9749 to sign up to serve a meal. Leave your name and number and she’ll get back to you. It is very important that you are prepared to spend 2 to 2 ½ hours serving, cleaning up, and setting up for the next meal.

Book Table
One of the many blessings at the Great Banquet is the opportunity to sow God’s word into the lives of our guests by offering free Christian literature and media. If you have Bibles, Christian books, CDs, DVDs, or devotions you would like to donate, please take them to First Presbyterian Church or call Carla Embry at 270-543-8217.

Contact Teresa Lee at 270-977-2148 if you would like to help make agape or provide a banner.

Agape Letters
Individual and group agape letters are always needed. Please mark family letters with an “F” on the envelope. Be sure your guest’s name appears on the outside of the envelope. (PLEASE NOTE: Gifts are better given before or after the Great Banquet. Please do not bring gifts to the Great Banquet for your guest.) Call Andy Bell at 270-875-0170 for more information.

Bus Drivers
We are okay for the time being, but if you have a CDL license and desire to drive the bus for one of the weekends, please contact Dawn at First Presbyterian Church.