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Men’s HCDC #25: March 9-12

MCDC #12: March 23-26

Chrysalis #56: March 24-26

Men’s #176: April 20-23

Green River #12: April 27-30

Women’s #177: May 4-7

West KY #18: May 12-13

Women’s #178: May 18-21

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Letter from Lay Director #172

Dear Madisonville Great Banquet Community,


            “O give thanks unto the Lord: for He is good; and His mercy endureth forever.”  Psalms 118:1


            I just want to take a moment to give thanks for being selected to be the Lay Director for Great Banquet #172.  I was truly humbled by the entire experience. 

I often felt that I was not Lay Director material, but with God’s strength and an awesome team surrounding me, we “walked the dog.”  To God be all the Glory!

I love the Great Banquet and all that it gives.  I pray that I am always able to serve others and help make their weekend memorable. 


            To the Board Members that help make these weekend possible, please keep making the sacrifice.


            Thank you again for your confidence in me.  It was an honor that I will cherish forever and remember always.


God has smiled on me!




Deborah Torian

Lay Director

Great Banquet #172


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Letter from Lay Director #171

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Agape Party!

Monday April 4th at 7:00pm — IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING WORSHIP SERVICE. Join us for the worship service at First Presbyterian Church and then help to prepare agape in the gym for the Great Banquet weekends!

Sponsor Someone!

Sponsors: Have you been thinking about sponsoring someone on the Great Banquet? Now is the time to ask and have applications completed and turned in. If you have any questions, contact Dawn at First Presbyterian Church 270-821-6426.

Letter from Lay Director Jamaica GB #11

Dear Banquet Community,

We just experienced Great Banquet #11 in Highgate, Jamaica. Highgate is many miles over rough roads from the resort areas, and is up in the mountains. Conditions are really worse than our Appalachia. It is poor in terms of material possessions, but fairly rich in terms of the people’s faith in God. The people seem like they have joy and enthusiasm when they are singing praises to God. It was a blast singing Amazing Grace with the reggae beat and chords on the keyboard.

We had both Americans and Jamaicans on the team, with twelve guests. We worked through CSI Ministries. I served with Americans from Great Banquet communities from Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee and Kentucky.

The facilities that we stayed in and held the Banquet weekend are fantastic. It was originally a summer home for the Speaker of the House of Representatives. CSI Ministries bought it several years ago and converted to a mission center. Our bedrooms were about like ours here when we have a Great Banquet. Our meals were prepared by Jamaicans, including a woman with the nickname of Pinto. The food was very good, with some of the banana, mangos, and coconut from the farm on the property.

After the three day Great Banquet was over, we had a great opportunity to build and paint a new house for a young, Christian married couple with two small children, in one day! Pete Phelan could drive most of the nails without bending them.

Highlights for me:

Cold showers, great Jamaican food, reggae praise music school children all in uniforms, taking taxis to school, rough roads, driving on the wrong side, big smiles, singing Daddy-o-a Jamaican praise song in broken English, enthusiastic greetings, great talks given by the Jamaicans, hanging out with the American team members, and the CSI team that organized so much. Please pray and praise God for the victories as the Kingdom of God is advanced.

Mike Ladd, Lay Director
Jamaica GB #11

February 2017

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