Upcoming Weekends

Community Potluck and Team Dedication 4/8/2019

April 8th, 2019 6:00 PM Open to the Banquet Community

Kitchen Team Meetings

Kitchen Coordinator will host two meetings for the kitchen teams. March 18, for GB#186 and GB#187 then on March 25, for GB#188. Please make every effort to attend these meetings. If you can’t make one then try to make the other. Get with your Lay Director if you need to switch days.

Agape Meeting 4/1/19 5PM w/ Andy Bell

Great Banquet Agape teams please attend the Agape meeting scheduled for April 1st, 2019 5 PM.  Important information for your weekend will be discussed. (Rescheduled from 3/25/19)

Agape Party April 1, 2019 7 PM

Heads up!  Agape Party will be April 1st (April Fools Day).  No kidding!  We would love for the community to come out and support our efforts.  Reunion groups are urged to attend.

Bed Setup & Take Down

Bed Setup is each Wednesday night before a weekend at 6pm.

Bed Takedown is each Sunday morning at 7am.