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Great Banquet #190 LD Mandy Qualls

Hello Great Banquet Family! It’s difficult to put into words exactly how humbling an experience and how extremely blessed I feel to have been given the honor of serving as the Lay Director of Women’s Great Banquet #190. In 2012 I attended the Great Banquet just prior getting married. God used my own Great Banquet experience to set a fire in me and help build a strong foundation in my marriage. I deeply love the Great Banquet movement and the people I’ve been had the privilege to get to know through our local community.
I recall the nervous faces of the guests as we entered the conference room on Thursday night and can do nothing but smile and lift praise to God as I then remember experiencing those same women with hands, hearts, and voices lifted to Jesus as we sang our theme song at the closing service Sunday night. I still stand in awe that I was given the gift of being a part of such a beautiful transformation.
The Lord put together the perfect team whose gifts, talents, and abilities served our guests flawlessly. Throughout our nine weeks of team meetings as members changed I cannot deny that the flesh would begin to get nervous, but even down our final two meetings Father God melded together the team that was made for a time such as this.
As I began to pray for the weekend of Great Banquet 190 the Lord revealed to me very early on that mercy and healing would be a major theme for the weekend. As I look back at the way the weekend unfolded and how Jesus went to work it’s overwhelming to think just how mercy, grace, healing, and love was lavished so freely upon each of us. It was an absolutely breathtaking experience to see the Lord walk out His promises as the weekend unfolded.
Serving in the Lay Director capacity was an amazing time of learning and growing in faith, trust, perseverance, and relying on the strength of the Lord. Each person, team and guest alike, was placed upon the weekend divinely by Father God. I continue to hear stories of testimonies how God moved and changed lives through Great Banquet 190 and all I can do is give him praise!
I am so grateful to each of you in the community for the various ways you served over our weekend. Thank you for the prayers and many acts of service you gifted us with. Each of you are shining examples of Christ’s agape love. You are an amazing community and I pray you continue to stay strong and united in the love of Christ and keep serving!
Decolores! Exodus 14:14 -NIV- “The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still.”
Mandy Qualls

Community Lay Director Summer 2018

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Great Banquet #181 Lay Director Mike Eubanks

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Great Banquet #183 Lay Director Suzanne Weir

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Great Banquet #182 Staci Noffsinger

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