Great Banquet Community,

It was such a Blessing being asked to be the Lay Director of GB #182. It was Amazing seeing God at work through giving me a team to pray and cry with through the 9 weeks preparations and watching the ones that were on their first team grow and see the love they had for God and each other as well . I was blessed for the women and the two men for saying yes to be the Hands and Feet of God for many. Watching the ladies that went through start to peel their layers and watching them start to glow with the love of God was Amazing as well. When you sit back at the back table things are seen totally different and I Absolutely Loved watching God at work. I love the Great Banquet community and I love my team that God chose for me and the love for those ladies that went through is Priceless. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to serve God.

God Bless

Staci Noffsinger