April 20-23

Weekend Countdown








(Staying Power) Eric Brown

(Discovering Priorities)  Perry Cheek
David Weir

(Sacramental Grace) Lon Lorton
(Life of Grace) Marvin Hightower
(Obstacles to Grace) Mike Bourland
(Our Response to Grace) JW Durst
(God’s Gift of Grace) Scott Heltsley

(Establishing Priorities) Eric Taylor
(The Body of Christ) Jason Richards
(Changing Our Environment) Ben Doniel
(Disciples) Brian Tingley
(The Life of Christian Action) Andy Bell
(The Truth Through Study) Robert Torian
(The Way of Relationship) John Lovell
(Ministry of All Believers) Leriegus Davis

David Mack
David Dennis
Shane Hawkins
Sean McCance
Chuck Fitch
Dick Countzer

Matt Pratt
(Tech Rover) Sean Menser
(Tech Rover Shadow) Allen Collwell

(Head) Barry Lutz
Jim Agin
(Server Coordinator) Gary Reckner

Kyle Gregory
Chris Brown

  1. David Baldwin
  2. Rodney Brooks
  3. Gary Browder
  4. Steve Clark
  5. Ben Elder
  6. Doug Elder
  7. Buddy Farmer
  8. Paul Fryer
  9. Phillip Gamblin
  10. Caleb Glaysbrook
  11. Lee Goff
  12. Brandon Groves
  13. Christopher Hill
  14. Lamont Hughes
  15. Roy Jordan
  16. Tyler Kelley
  17. Camron Laycock
  18. LyDon Logan
  19. Chris Marks
  20. Triston Marks
  21. Jeremy McElwain
  22. Trace McElwain
  23. Kevin Ray Miller
  24. Kevin Wade Miller
  25. Jon Newbury
  26. Anthony Qualls
  27. Craig Questelle
  28. Ken Reinhart
  29. Jake Roberts
  30. Harold Rodick
  31. Phillip Shemwell
  32. Ted Smith
  33. Troy Smith
  34. Chris Starr
  35. Noah Strader
  36. Derek Thomas
  37. Mark Whitaker
Table of Andrew
David Mack, TL
Eric Taylor, ATL
Brian Armstrong
Justin Davis
Ben Elder
Phillip Gamblin
Jeremy McElwain
Craig Questelle
Table of James
David Dennis, TL
Jason Richards, ATL
Rodney Brooks
Doug Elder
Brandon Groves
Camron Laycock
Ken Reinhart
Table of John
Shane Hawkins, TL
Tommy Prather, ATL
Buddy Farmer
Lee Goff
Tyler Kelley
LyDon Logan
Chris Marks
Kevin Wade Miller
Table of Luke
Sean McCance, TL
Andy Bell, ATL
Steve Clark
Dallas Marks
Trace McElwain
Kevin Ray Miller
Harold Rodick
Phillip Shemwell
Table of Matthew
Chuck Fitch, TL
Brian Tingley, ATL
Triston Marks
Anthony Qualls
Jake Roberts
Troy Smith
Derek Thomas
Table of Paul
Dick Countzler, TL
Ben Doniel, ATL
Gary Browder
Roy Jordan
Jon Newbury
Ted Smith
Noah Strader
Table of Peter
Leriegus Davis, TL
John Lovell, ATL
David Baldwin
Dewone Fairrow
Lamont Hughes
Chris Starr