November 6th - 9th, 2008

Weekend Countdown








(Staying Power) Mary Ann Coulter

(Discovering Priorities) Cindie Jones
Liz Mitchell

(Sacramental Grace) Denise GoLightly
(Life of Grace) Lanna McGary
(Obstacles to Grace) Sheila Carter
(Our Response to Grace) Robert Clemmons
(God’s Gift to Grace) Lon Lorton

(Establishing Priorities) Rebecca Tiller
(The Body of Christ) Lisa Ladd
(Changing Our Environment) Amy Bell
(Disciples) Michele Hill
(The Life of Christian Action) Catherine Stevenson
(The Truth Through Study) Sarah Wortham
(The Way of Relationship) Carolyn Bishop
(Ministry of All Believers) Phyllis Browning

Darla Carver
Tammy Foster
Lyn Speight
Annie Hayne
Pat Dew
Betty Hendrix

Ann Hofmann
Amy Van Heyningen

(Head) Carin Stewart
Faith Whitmer
Donna Potts

Erin Bell
Katherine Sharber

  • Margaret Adams
  • Diane Banasiak
  • Nic Baxter
  • Darla Bean
  • Lisa Carl
  • Mindy Carlisle
  • Tia Carney
  • Kim Coakley
  • Cathy Craft
  • Toni Dickens
  • Dorothy Dillard
  • Julie Doster
  • Angela Dukes
  • Linda Fambrough
  • Judy Hafner
  • Daundra Harden
  • Vicky Hartline
  • Tracy Hearld
  • Andrea Hildebrant
  • Beth Huddleston
  • Shelley Hufford
  • Brenda Jones
  • Laurel Kratt
  • Bonnie LaMirande
  • Melissa Lear
  • Katie Mathis
  • Susan Melton
  • Amanda Moore
  • Sindy Montgomery
  • Melissa Morris
  • Marci Oldham
  • Linda Plunkett
  • Donna Purvis
  • Jamie Ross
  • Ann Marie Schmitzer
  • Tabatha Shelton
  • Wendy Smith
  • Jessica Sweeney
  • Cindy Terry
  • Lindsay Tyrie
  • Latisha White
  • Edith Whitaker
  • Sandy Williams
  • Susan Winstead
  • Doris Witherspoon
  • Cindy Wright
  • Cammi Yates

Table of Anna
Lyn Speight, TL
Amy Bell, ATL
Kim Coakley
Dorthy Dillard
Judy Hafner
Shelly Hufford
Melissa Lear
Lindsay Tyrie

Table of Leah
Phyllis Browning, TL
Carolyn Bishop, ATL
Tia Camey
Daudra Harden
Andrea Hildebrant
Brenda Jones
Laurel Kratt
Susan Melton

Table of Mary
Pat Dew, TL
Rebecca Tiller, ATL
Nic Baxter
Lisa Carl
Cathy Craft
Julie Doster
Katie Mathis
Sindy Montgomery
Donna Purvis

Table of Naomi
Tammy Foster, TL
Cathy Stevenson, ATL
Angela Dukes
Linda Fanbrough
Mindy Carlisle
Marci Oldham
Ann Marie Schmitzer
Vicky Hartline
Latisha White

Table of Rebekah
Betty Hendrix, TL
Sarah Wortham, ATL
Diane Banasiak
Beth Huddleston
Linda Plunkett
Margaret Adams
Susan Winstead
Doris Witherspoon

Table of Ruth
Darla Carver, TL
Lisa Ladd, ATL
Darla Bean
Toni Dickens
Melissa Morris
Jessica Sweeney
Edith Whitaker
Sandy Williams
Cammi Yates

Table of Sarah
Annie Hayne, TL
Michele Hill, ATL
Tracy Hearld
Wendy Smith
Julie Nicholson
Cindy Terry
Tabatha Shelton
Jamie Ross
Cindy Wright