Hello GB Community,

Being selected as GB #184 Lay Director was an honor and privilege. I was so blessed to be a part of this team and this weekend. I was able to sit back and watch God bring full circle what He had started in my life 11 years ago on Great Banquet #129. The team that God hand picked delivered an exceptional experience to the guests, and they were very responsive and attentive to what God had for us on the weekend. I enjoyed sitting back and watching God work in the lives of everyone in that room.
The love and support shown from the community is definitely second to none. Every weekend that I have been a part of, rather a guest or team member, I have been overwhelmed by God’s love shining through the faces and lives of this community. This weekend was no different. God changed my life through the Great Banquet, and finally, after Him calling for me to make Him Lord, I understood. It’s a shame that it took 32 years for me to learn that, but my thanks goes to this community. I have never been a part of a more loving and Christ led community as this Great Banquet community. Thank you for showing God’s love to the members of Great Banquet #184, I will be eternally grateful for each of you.

Andy Bell