Great Banquet Community,


Being this year’s spring Lay Director meant the end of a season for me and the starting of a new season. As sad as that may sound, the Joy I received by serving in this role allowed me to reflect back at the journey that brought me to this point. I was reminded where God found me, on GB 149, in all my brokenness, surviving on my own strength and focused on myself, totally relying on the things of this world to get me through day by day. But God’s grace and Mercy found me on GB 149 and started to change me into the man he created me to be. See I was sitting in the chapel on GB 149, 3 row from the back on the left hand side, seat next to the isle. Fighting God and resisting the weekend, when the soft touch of Dennis Coombs hands was felt on my shoulder. He asked if he could pray for me and reluctantly, I allowed it.

Fast forward to 181 weekend. They were fixing to pray me in and oddly I was sitting in that same seat, 3 row from the back on the left hand side, seat next to the isle. And yep you guessed it, Dennis Coombs prayed over me again. See God reveal to me the full picture of my transformation at that moment. The transformation of being without any hope to being full to the over flow and at that moment, He gave me the double portion of his gift. Same spot, same chair, same guy praying, same God but a different man receiving the prayer.  This transformation would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the Great Banquet and I owe my servant hood to this Community. What they have taught me during the many seasons of serving on great banquets teams has been so valuable to my growth that there is no way I could ever repay this other than paying it forward.

I also was blessed to be able to witness God changing boy’s into men and keep in mind some of those boys were 55 and 65 years old, but through the power of the Holy Spirit, this team was able to show the guest true love, compassion, dedication and hope for a better life to come as I received on 149. The eagerness of this team to do what was suggested was amazing. I suggested for those that could, to “Fast” on that Thursday the weekend started and not to break the fast until we broke the silence. Amazing everyone, but a few followed through with this and yielded to the spirit.

The more seasoned team members said they have never served on a weekend where on Friday morning, walls not only started to crumble, But witnessed God kicked them down, sweep up the debris and restored all at the same time. I asked each of the team members to pray for each other and I know they did because they not only would do it in their private time, they would call each other in the middle of the day and ask if they could pray for them. So this team was prayed up before the lights were even turned on the church for Thursday and it didn’t stop there. It was a blessing to watch the team members come together and minister to the old Mike Eubanks of the world. The ones that came there saying there was nothing there they needed and only came because they were forced. The team took these guest and gently loved on them and it showed me that if we take on the gentleness of Jesus with other, Holy Spirit will take over and turn a mess into something so beautiful.

I knew God didn’t need each of us but on this weekend He showed me specifically why each of the team members was chosen. One because of their meekness, one because their boldness, one because of their excitement, one for their touch of love, one for their Joy and I could go on 31 times more. I don’t know why I still become amazed that when you pray for a mighty God to reveal Himself and He shows up, we all are floored. See I started praying for this team 2 years ago even before I knew I was a chosen as the Lay director. I figured when God called me I wanted to be praying about this team and to be honest, that was the easiest part, putting together GB 181 team. With the exception of a few I didn’t get, and today I know now why, I got the perfect team. Many past lay Directors made the statement that this team was packed with all home run hitters. Even the new guys contributed so much to this weekend, I’m still amazed.

From this weekend, I inherited 72 new brother and sisters because to be honest many if not all the wives have come to me, called me or text me and said “Thank you, I have a new husband”. All I could say is thank God for placing this team together to be able to have an impact on your husband.  Eric, you have served on many teams as well and I don’t make this next statement without a lot of thought behind it but being the Lay Director for 181 has to be the number 1 most spiritual moment I’ve “Ever” encountered. I thought when Tanya was Lay Director at West KY Woman’s Prison was powerful spiritually, but 181 showed me that God is still the great I AM.

So I was honored to be chosen as the Lay Director for 181 but realized shortly into the weekend that rank is given to you to enable you to better serve those above and below you. It wasn’t given for me to practice my own idiosyncrasies” it was given to me to be an example and this weekend allowed me the ability to serve those who said yes to this team as well as to serve those from banquets past who believed in me.

So, yes my great banquet season has come to an end, but I pray that God gives me another sprint at a great banquet weekend or able to serve in any other capacity He feels I am ready for. I love ya brother and thank you for believing in me all these years. Let me know if I can help in any way and look forward to serving with you soon.

Michael S. Eubanks

Assistant Vice President

595 Ed Lacy Road

Madisonville, KY 42431

Ph: (270) 836-7790

Colossians 3:17 And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.