Dear Madisonville Great Banquet Community,

I was so honored to be asked to lead Great Banquet #178.  It was such a blessing to me.   Thank you for trusting and believing in me to lead this group.  It is a lot of work preparing and praying that you are putting the right team together for the guests that will attend your weekend.   God knows exactly who will be attending each weekend and exactly who needs to be on the team for that specific weekend.  I have full faith that this team was put together through God’s wisdom and guidance.  I was blessed with the best team and I will cherish these memories forever.

We had the perfect sized group on our weekend.  All of the ladies were so wonderful and were there to worship from the beginning. We had a wonderful time of spiritual renewal.  We had a few ladies receive salvation for the first time, and several ladies also rededicated themselves and their lives to God.  The Holy Spirit was welcomed there and He definitely showed up!  Then again, He always does.


Kim Higgs Lay Director GB #178