My thoughts of being Lay Direction in the spring of 2017, on GB # 177 was a God timing experience. After being asked several times for this position, the Lord finally gave me HIS word to accept the nomination.

I believe in God’s timing immensely and so I felt this was a perfect time for me. After many hours of prayer on who was to be on my (God’s) team, the work began on pulling it all together.

A very different role for me but I was truly blessed by the team and the guests. We saw and felt the Holy Spirit move within the walls of the Presbyterian church. Not only in the conference room, but the chapel,
dining hall and sleeping quarters. Chains and bondages were broken even on the first day. I saw  many guests and team members bonding and was not surprised at the community of believers coming together
without ever having met before. That’s a God thing for sure.

Of course every weekend is faced with challenges from team members and guests having health issues and other things happening in their lives before and during the weekend. But all persevered and
and all the glory goes to God.  We definitely felt the prayers of all the saints lifting us up during the 72 hours. We are so blessed in this community to have all the support we have on these
weekends.  It still proves after all these years of weekends, that God is still on the move.

Be Lay Director they said, it will be fun they said……. And it was!

Marilyn Locke