What the being Lay Director meant to me:

For me, being chosen as the Lay Director was very humbling.  To know that other Christians in the community can see Christ in me enough to put me on their mind, and to know they are all led my God Himself…well just humbling.  Being the Lay Director for one of the Banquets involves a lot of prayer for many months.  During this time, I drew closer to God and learned how to rely on Him more.   During the 9 weeks of meetings, it was great worshipping with and drawing closer to those that God had put on my heart to join me at this banquet.   Then seeing His work come to fruition during the banquet was rewarding and refreshing.  You truly see how He is truly in control, and there never should have been a worry.   Another reminder to just take yourself out of it and give it all to HIM.  I will never forget this experience.  I will hold it close to my heart.  I thank the Community for the opportunity and for believing in me!!

Thanks Eric Taylor!
Great Banquet #179